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As a leather goods store, we can do things that only we can, things we know.
It’s because we are professionals that we possess knowledge and connections that only professionals can acquire.

To make your billiard life shine even brighter,
we want to deliver reliable information and trustworthy products.

We want to support everyone who loves billiards.
That’s what NAOLLY believes.

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- Leather for cue wrap -

About Leather Products

At NAOLLY, we are able to offer high-quality leather at affordable prices because we eliminate intermediaries.

Our buyers source leather domestically and internationally. We carefully select the finest portions of leather right after importation, acquiring them at special prices.


With an unwavering commitment and in collaboration with top-tier professionals, we have finally achieved our masterpiece using the finest leather and cutting-edge craftsmanship.

About Cue Tips

After undergoing 38 rounds of rigorous testing, NAOLLY has finally developed a tip that we can confidently introduce and offer to players.


DURO Value



DURO Value



DURO Value



DURO Value



DURO Value


About DURO Value

The DURO value is an indicator that represents the hardness of a billiards tip. It is measured using a durometer, and the resulting numerical value indicates the hardness level — higher values correspond to greater hardness, while lower values indicate lower hardness.

The hardness of the tip affects the rebound force of the cue and the contact time with the ball. When choosing a tip, it’s crucial to consider that the performance varies based on factors such as material, structure, and manufacturing methods. Selecting a tip that suits your playing style and preferences is essential for optimal performance.

Product Reviews from Professional Users

Ryuji Umeda
Yoshihiro Kitatani
Hidetaka Kitatani
Toru Kuribayashi
Miyuki Kuribayashi
Nami Takada
Yusuke Kuroda
Rieko Haji

Retail Partners

We are actively seeking stores and affiliated businesses interested in carrying Naolly products, including tips and maintenance creams.

We welcome inquiries from both domestic and international locations. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

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